Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2022

🧨Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2022
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In this video I talk about 3 of my favorite cloud hosting services, and why they offer so much value no matter how small or big your website may be.

How’s it going, everybody? Welcome back. Today we’re gonna be talking about the best three, my favorite three cloud web hosting plans. And if you guys are interested in any of them, you’ll find the extra discounts in the description down below. But let’s get straight into it. Cloud web hosting may offer exactly what your business needs. And that’s why you’re kind of looking into this, your data is spread across a network of servers, a cloud environment instead of a single server, which is why it’s a little bit more expensive than shared web hosting. Now, each of these web hosts do things a little bit differently, and I’ll talk about their offerings. As I go through the video, starting with hosting are now hosting or offers quality web hosting at competitively low prices, which qualifies these plans as the most bang for your buck. Their most affordable cloud web hosting plan is currently at 999 per month, which is the cloud startup plan. It’s one of the lowest prices for cloud web hosting out there. Couple that with their 99.9 uptime guarantee and decently fast speeds and you have yourself an excellent hosts. These are fully managed plans with 24/7 support, you might think that the low price would mean no customer service, but hosting or takes care of the customers. And one thing that really sets host singer out from the rest of the pack is their dedicated IP customers receive free dedicated IP with any of their cloud hosting plans, which is incredible. Their H panel dashboard is also very intuitive and user friendly. Even if you’re new to using a dashboard like that, you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of it. Now the full pricing is as follows. Overall, it’s a very lucrative cloud hosting plan that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. Pricing for hosting or cloud starts at 999 per month, though the monthly price will go up when you renew this is completely standard in the hosting industry. But it’s something to be aware of. What’s helpful about hosting or pricing is that the longer you sign up, the cheaper it is to renew, you can lock and rock bottom rates for up to four years and get a discount down the road. So when it comes to bang for your buck, nothing gets you as much for as little as hosting or cloud hosting. And of course, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can see if cloud hosting makes a difference for your business risk free. And the 30 day money back guarantee extends across all of these plans. So no worries, no matter which plan you get, you will be able to get yourself the refund if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason. Now the next cloud hosting service I want to talk about is Hostgator and HostGator is definitely the best cheap cloud hosting provider. As you can tell here, the prices are even lower than hosting ORs and HostGator offers some of the most cost effective cloud hosting on the market today. They’re certainly the most affordable option I’m showing you guys today. And starting with the Hatchling Plan, which will start at 495 a month with two CPUs, two gigabytes of memory and a single domain followed up by the Baby Plan, which is starting at 657 a month with four CPUs, four gigabytes of memory and unlimited domains and the business plan finally at 995 a month with six CPUs, six gigabytes of memory and unlimited domain. So as you can tell, the business plan, which is the most expensive plan with Hostgator is about the same price as the startup plan with hosting or so yeah, it is quite the budget option. These rates are for the 36 month contracts. So keep that in mind. They are 45% cheaper than the actual price, which you’ll end up paying when you renew your contract after 36 months. All HostGator cloud hosting plans come with a free ssl certificate. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.


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Hope you enjoyed my Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 Video.




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