Converting PDF Bank Statements into CSV or QuickBooks Bank Feeds (for Desktop or Online)

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To Purchase/download this conversion software:

00:00:47 – Bank statement (example)
00:01:22 – 2qbo convert pro (software) (how it works)
00:02:34 – Settings (select account type) (account number)
00:03:01 – Convert (select pdf from bank) (preview) (check the conversion) (magnify glass button, in case of error, correction) (create qbo or save as CSV file)
00:07:46 – Excel file converted (clean up and organize file before importing it to QuickBooks) (text to columns) (find and replace) (organize statement by payee, amount, memo) (add comments)
00:19:13 – Go to 2qbo convert pro with PDF after saving the CSV file (convert) (select CSV file) (preview) (create qbo)
00:20:50 – Where you can find 2qbo convert pro software (link)
00:21:12 – Video course (QuickBooks Academy) (link)

Hector Garcia CPA shows you how to take s scanned or downloaded PDF Bank Statement (and Credit Card Statements) and convert it to CSV/Excel and/or upload into QuickBooks Bank Feeds using a special software from

Additional, learn Hector’s tricks with excel using Text to columns & find and replace to clean up bank and credit card data super fast!

Finally, enroll into Hector’s Masterclass course: to learn data importing into QuickBooks in-Depth

QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds Video:

QuickBooks Desktop Bank Feeds Video:



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