Executive Presence Book – Introvert’s Guide to Career & Job Success

Everyone will benefit from developing executive presence, as I discuss at https://garfinkleexecutivecoaching.com/executive-presence-coaching-services. Both extroverts and introverts, and people across all disciplines, need to exude executive presence in their jobs. And introverts can display executive presence as well as extroverts, once they learn how to do it. Learn how to immediately up your executive presence by reading the book, Executive Presence. Buy the book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B8RJ5MZV

Why is Executive Presence for Introverts
But I can’t overemphasize the benefits of executive presence for introverts in their careers because without it, they may appear very withdrawn. Introverts who haven’t yet cultivated executive presence may not participate much in groups or speak from a place of authority. And across all fields, extroverts are 25% more likely to receive promotions to higher-level roles, according to the Sutton Trust.

Most Common Jobs and Careers for Introverts
In the STEM fields in particular, leaders often have an extremely high level of technical proficiency but lack the presence to lead at a high level. In situations where they need to command a room, they may not show up with the confidence and charisma needed. But introverts are just as capable of developing executive presence as extroverts.

I’ve coached many leaders in these specific fields on how to grow and improve their executive presence.
• Biotechnology
• Data science
• AI/ML/robotics
• Aerospace engineering
• Computer science
• Medical research
• Software and hardware engineering
• Other areas of IT, such as AI

As an executive coach, I’ve worked with leaders at all levels, including the CISO and CIO. Many leaders are promoted without developing the skills needed to lead at a high level. Within fields like engineering, IT, and research, they’ve had to focus on proving their research skills and scientific expertise, and executive presence skills have been underutilized and underdeveloped.

Often introverts display technical brilliance in their field and that leads to a promotion, but they now need the leadership presence to drive their team to success.

Without developing executive presence as they advance in their careers, introverted leaders may show up as passive, avoid speaking up, and refrain from challenging others. When someone new steps into the room, that person may have no idea that they’re the leader. They lack many the 9 core competencies of executive presence, but cultivating them will be a game-changer.

Developing executive presence on the job helps introverted leaders—and all leaders—tap into their natural strengths. They don’t need to become extroverts, as qualities like reflectiveness and observation skills will benefit them immensely as a leader. Executive presence will help them communicate and lead powerfully in their own style and approach. They will have the power to catalyze change and drive outcomes in their careers—introverts and extroverts alike.

What exactly is executive presence, and how can you grow it? In my book Executive Presence, I explain to leaders how to show up with confidence, command a room, and communicate powerfully, exuding a professional magnetism that dramatically expands their influence on the job. Introverts who follow the clear strategies and action steps in the book will move from self-doubt and passivity to self-assurance and bold decision-making.

Don’t put off cultivating executive presence, as it will benefit you at every level of your career and make your daily work more meaningful. In the STEM field, having executive presence will also propel scientific advancement. Your organization needs you to develop executive presence, so start now and begin making a greater impact in your field.

Joel will work with you to create a personalized plan for building the executive presence you need. Contact him to launch an executive presence coaching program or bring him into your company to conduct an executive presence training program or read his book Executive Presence!

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