How To Become The Fastest Growing Franchise & How To Become A Franchisee with HTeao | Start to Sold

Have you ever wanted to own a franchise but you’re not sure what to look for? Are you interested in building your own franchise chain and wonder how?

The person to talk to is Justin Howe, serial entrepreneur and a big fan of staying hydrated with delicious iced tea. Justin founded HTeaO (a 32 franchise chain with 30 more under construction) one store at a time… learning the hard way how to build profit, attract customers, pick locations, and now pick franchisees to join their franchise family.

In this interview, we will discuss what it looks like to start a franchise business, what it will look like over time, and what to look for in your franchising partners.

Chapters In This Video
0:00 Intro
0:46 Who is HTeaO and why should we all start to notice?
2:43 What is the story of how did you start your first store?
14:55 How did one store turn into a franchise?
24:40 Why do people come to HTeaO and how do you find customers?
29:39 What should a potential franchisee look for when picking a franchise?
37:00 What makes HTeaO a different franchise company than others?
39:00 Who would make a good franchisee?
40:40 What does it look like to start and run your own franchise for new entrepreneurs?
50:30 How to become a franchisee of HTeaO

Justin Howe is the Founder and CEO of HTeaO and committed to building profitable businesses with his franchise partners. Since the first opening of HTeaO in 2018, the brand has opened 32 locations, with over 30 locations under construction, and plans to expand throughout the southern United States. Justin is a certified commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, involved in his community, and a passionate family man. You can add Justin on LINKEDIN or learn more about becoming a franchisee through the HTeaO website.


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