How to Write a Business Plan Step-By-Step | Free Business Management Course, Vol. 1 | 2021

Learn how to develop a successful business plan. This will allow you to consider every aspect of the business and provide you with the road map you need to successfully run your business.
Here’s your free gift, it’s a business plan template that you can download and use. Get it here:
This is a high quality, full blown business plan template, complete with detailed instructions and all related spreadsheets. It will allow you to easily prepare a professional business plan.
Free Business Management Course on YouTube
Here’s a complete business management course featuring 17 videos, each covering a different aspect of managing a business; a must-watch for anyone who wants to succeed as a business manager:

Vol. 1: How to Write a Business Plan Step-By-Step:
Vol. 2: Legal Requirements for Starting a Business:
Vol. 3: How to Buy a Business:
Vol. 4: Starting a Business as a Young Entrepreneur:
Vol. 5: How to Finance a Business:
Vol. 6: How to Price a Product or a Service:
Vol. 7: How to Market High-Tech Products:
Vol. 8: How to Recruit and Retain Employees:
Vol. 9: Understanding Your Customers:
Vol. 10: Effective Sales Techniques:
Vol. 11: How to Sell a Business:
Vol. 12: How to Do Market Research:
Vol. 13: Business Marketing Strategies:
Vol. 14: How to Gain Competitive Advantage:
Vol. 15: How to Do Social Media Marketing:
Vol. 16: How to Find and Attract Investors:
Vol. 17: Advanced Pricing Strategies:

Video Guides to Boost Your Business Management Skills
Here’s a collection of results driven video guides to help sharpen your business skills while increasing your chances of success as a business manager:
► How to Be a Great Manager and Leader (120 Tips):
► Checklist for Starting a Business, Essential Ingredients for Success:
► How to Better Manage Yourself for Success (90 Tips):
► The 5 most Important Negotiation Skills You Must master:
► How to be a Remarkably Effective Manager:
► How to Handle Employees with Bad Attitude:
► 10 Ideas to Lead, Inspire, and Motivate Your Team to Graetness:
► Are You Committing any of These 10 Deadly Marketing Sins?:
► How to Be a Successful Small Business Owner, Business Success Tips for Beginners:
► How to Motivate Employees to Work Harder:
► How to Attract Customers to Your Business and Increase Customer Retention:
► Top 10 Small Business Tips, How to Succeed In a Business of Your Own:
► How to Negotiate Anything Like a Pro, Top Negotiation Strategies and Tactics:
► How to Be a Great First Time Manager:
► How to Start and Succeed in a Service Business:
► How to Start and Succeed in a Retail Business:
► How to Improve Your Small Business, Business Tips for Success:
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