See Why Success In THIS Franchise Business Is An “Inside Job”

Looking for a franchising story of growth, success, and learning, in the home services industry that thrives even during a pandemic? Look no further.

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Today I interview Tom Taube, a long time franchisee of Kitchen Tune-Up and Bath Tune-Up. Tom and his wife bought into the Kitchen Tune-Up system 16 years ago when he left a Fortune 500 company to pursue entrepreneurship when someone introduced him to Kitchen Tune-Up:

“I actually didn’t even know you could buy a franchise in the home improvement space. So I ended up talking to the folks at Kitchen Tune-Up, went out to Aberdeen, South Dakota and met them. And I came home and told my wife that I wanted to do it if she would do it with me. We took the plunge together in February 2006, and went through our training together.”

Prior to becoming a Kitchen Tune-Up owner, Tom owned a business that he started. He describes the difference between starting a business and buying a franchise:

“I had my other business. I was not part of a franchise. I was out there kind of on my own. You had to keep track of things going on in the industry. You had to maintain an education on the technology and things like that. When you’re part of a franchise, they do a lot of it for you. They feed you information. They keep you up to date. I don’t have to do my own marketing or ad copy or things like that, so it’s so much nicer to be able to concentrate on my business and have other people that do those things for human resources. But more than that, it’s like being a part of a large company but not having to report to a boss. It’s like being a part of the family.”

Tom shares how he shares resources between his Kitchen Tune-Up and Bath Tune-Up businesses:

“I can leverage my sales people and help them sell both. I can leverage the showroom. I can leverage other fixed assets I have, the warehouse and the whole bit. So that’s an advantage to me. But we’ve been doing bathrooms since the beginning [of Kitchen Tune-Up], but it was pretty minor part of our business. Once we split off and created Bath Tune-Up as a separate business, our business more than doubled. We would have people say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t even know you did bathrooms.” And that doesn’t happen [with Bath Tune-Up].

“From a scaling standpoint, I want to leverage fixed overhead cost of both businesses because I hate fixed overhead costs. When you’re an entrepreneur, if someone is not there generating revenue with their activities where you’ve got to keep those people to a minimum because it just eats up your profit.”

Tom is a glowing example of success in this home services franchise system. If you’d like to explore Kitchen Tune-Up, Bath Tune-Up, or any other home services franchise business, I’d be honored to coach you through the process.

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