Smart, Simple, Scalable, Semi-Passive & Green Franchise Business Webinar, Aug 3, 2022.

I want to talk to you about a business that is smart, simple, scalable, semi-passive, and as a bonus, it’s green. This business addresses a major problem that we have in that only 15% of clothing items, shoes and textiles, end up getting recycled. The rest of them go into landfills.

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This business uses a smart bin system. When people put their discarded clothing, shoes and textiles in the bin, then as the owner, you are able to take those clothes and sell them to buyers that sell the usable items and recycle the rest.

What is really cool about this business is that the bins are your hardest working employee. It’s nice, because you only need one to two part-time humans to operate this business, which requires very little time from the owner. (You’ll want to validate this with the franchise if you do choose to investigate it.)

In this business, the smart bins will let you know when they are getting full and then a route can be drawn up with the technology provided by the franchise. Your employee drives a truck (that doesn’t require a special license) and collects what is deposited in the bin. Your employee doesn’t sort the items deposited, in fact, that’s against the franchise agreement. The best part is that this franchise has a national buying program set up to purchase what is collected by the pound. As a result, you don’t even have to find a buyer for the items. However, you’re welcome to do that if you can get a higher price for the goods.

What is really interesting is it’s really passive from the ownership standpoint, because the franchise literally helps with everything. In fact, you’ll have an expert from the home office work with you in the field to set up the locations before the bins arrive. That way, when the bins ship to you, they go straight to the collection locations. The idea is to maximize the poundage you get from the bins.

Once the bins are in place, then you simply let that hard-working employee (the bin) start collecting. You can go about your other business, your job, etc. while the bins are stacking up with items and the cash is stacking up that you can get when you sell that. They have the National Buyers program too.

The other thing I really like about this business is from a tax standpoint, because it’s equipment that you’re purchasing that can be deducted all at once or it can be amortized over time If you prefer. You will want to talk to a tax professional to find out what makes sense for you.

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