The Expedia and business model

What is’s business model? How does Expedia make money? How does make money? What about online travel agencies (OTAs) in general? We dive in and try to answer those questions and look at the most common business models for OTAs.

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2:40 – Merchant Model
4:12 – Agency Model
5:10 – Advertising & Other Revenue
6:04 – Comparison between Expedia and

Episode 016

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EXPLORE INFORMED is a travel show where we dig into the details of travel, investigate an interesting topic, or attempt to answer a common question — all with the goal of hopefully learning something new so that next time we go exploring, we go better informed.

We hope to provide information, advice, and education in the form of travel tips, travel hacks, travel essentials, and even travel warnings or things to watch out for – so you can explore the world a little smarter.

Please Note: Unless otherwise noted, I am NOT being paid or reimbursed to talk about specific travel brands (e.g., airlines, hotel chains, tour operators). My intent is to simply offer my true, honest opinion based on what I know, research, read, etc.



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